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Many customers choose to have their tree delivered because of the challenges involved with putting up a Christmas tree without help. The process all starts when you buy your Christmas tree. Once you select the perfect tree, have one of our salesmen mark your tree with your name. All you have to do is go inside pay for the tree and delivery service, and the person at the register will schedule a time for the delivery. (At this point, we take down your address and directions to your house.)

Before the men arrive, please have a spot picked out for where the tree is to go and have a clear pathway for us to get to the spot. Also, be sure that you have your stand ready for us. (We always have a brand new stand in our truck just in case your stand is broken.) We also ask that you have a step-stool on-hand. Lastly, you may want to set out a small rug or trash bag so that we can put it under the stand. If your stand leaks after watering the tree, this will keep your floor safe.

When your tree is ready to be delivered, someone will call to be sure you are at home. Our men give the tree a fresh-cut to be certain your tree will drink water . When we arrive at your house, we double check your ceiling height. We do this to ensure the tree will fit and not scratch your ceiling! (We may need to take part of the tree off at this point in order for it to fit within the ceiling height.) The tree is then brought in and stood up. Next, we spin the tree allowing you to pick the tree's "best side." Once selected, we straighten the tree and secure it to the wall with wire (often to an eye hook we install or to a window lock). Finally, we will ask that you get us some hot water to water the tree. (We recommend using hot water because it dissolves any built-up sap allowing the tree to drink.) Congratulations! Your hassle-free tree delivery is now complete!

Many customers ask if it is customary to provide a gratuity to the delivery men. A gratuity tip is not required; however, if you feel that the men did an exceptional job, please feel free to tip them.

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